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「Lovelive! in Wonderland」/「kissai」のイラスト [pixiv]



「コンゴ」/「ふゆき(七原冬雪)」のイラスト [pixiv]

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[fmab challenge] three homunculi (3/3): greed

I’m Greed. Money, women, subordinates… everything belongs to me! Which is why I won’t abandon what’s mine. I’m a greedy guy, after all!

"Greed, isn’t this… what you’ve always wanted more than anything?" "Yeah, you’re right. What I’ve always wanted… are friends like these.




Glory Road - Team Hakone Gakuen

Anime: Yowamushi Pedal

Persona 3 Manga- Front Covers


This picture is from watanabe sensei’s blog.
Imaizumi’s present from Onoda and Naruko is a blue USAGI hand towel. USAGI is Imaizumi’s favorite brand by the way. He actually think it’s good and makes him excited but because he know it was from naruko too, he only said “well, it’s not bad”.

In the blog sensei wrote that to get the present, Naruko and Onoda went to a shopping mall which have lots of famous cothing store which also not a place they will usually go.

Sorry for my bad English…




Sports Anime 101 || Jump Serve
↳ This is a type of overhand serve in volleyball where the server throws the ball high into the air then makes a timed approach and makes contact with the ball, sending it over the net and with a lot of topspin and speed. Jump serve has become a staple among high level teams throughout the world, and because of its explosive and aggressive nature, this new skill can transform the act of serving into a true offensive opportunity.


カゲプロまとめ8 by kangmoro
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